GEZE ActiveStop.

New door control.

Three functions.

For greatly enhanced control and safety.

Gentle stopping

Damaged walls or furniture behind doors are not only unsightly but most of all unnecessary. GEZE ActiveStop brakes the swing upon opening and stops the door in the desired position.

Keeping open with ease

GEZE ActiveStop keeps the door open to prevent it from slamming. Separate doorstoppers are no longer needed. The stopping position can be set individually using the adjustable opening angle.

Silent closing

Thanks to the active damping, the door closes slowly and silently. GEZE ActiveStop not only prevents loud banging and irritating door damages but also minimises the risk of injury.

Gentle Stopping

“Our doors always stop in time…

…even if sometimes my hands are full. “

With GEZE ActiveStop, you will never again have to deal with annoying wall and furniture damages caused by doors. The intelligent damping brakes doors in time even when opened with full swing.

But it can do much more. Following the smooth braking, GEZE ActiveStop opens the door independently and safely up to individually adjustable holding position. This protects objects behind the door – even if sometimes your hands are full.

Keeping open with ease

“Our doors can withstand any draught.”

When there is a strong draught during airing, doors quickly move and start slamming uncontrollably. GEZE ActiveStop actively intervenes keeping the doors open in the desired position without any aids.

You don´t need any addditional doorstoppers on the wall or on the floor – irrespective of how many windows are open.

Silent closing

“The door to my room is much,
much, much too silent.”

Annoying slamming doors are a thing of the past. GEZE ActiveStop ensures peace and quiet in the house.The active damping also brakes quickly shutting doors gently and then pulls them closed silently. The slow closing not only reduces the noise level. It protects door leaves and frames, minimises the risk of injury – and makes family life more relaxed.

How GEZE ActiveStop works

Damping and free swing

Door damping and closing in closing direction from 25°

The closing door is gently braked from an angle of 25° and automatically pulled closed.

Free swing between 25° and 60°

GEZE ActiveStop allows your door free movement over this range. And: regardless of how much swing the door has – the damping catches it reliably and safely from 25° or 60°.

Door damping and closing in closing direction up to 140°

From an angle of 60° the opening door is gently braked and automatically pulled open – up to the individually adjustable opening angle of max. 140°.

Opening angle and holding position

Variable holding position between 80° and 140°

The desired opening angle is also the holding position and can be continuously adjusted between 80° and 140°.

GEZE ActiveStop for homeowners

Doors can do much more than you can imagine.

With GEZE ActiveStop.

Enter your rooms more conveniently than ever before

The GEZE ActiveStop door damper stops doors gently, closes them quietly and keeps them open with ease. That means that slamming doors, trapped fingers and holes in walls or furniture are a thing of the past.

Convenience meets Design

Virtually invisible: GEZE ActiveStop is distinguished only by its performance. Thanks to its compact dimensions the door damper is hardly visible, thus conforming to the most demanding designs.

Door convenience control – awarded twice:

A “Wow effect”

“BEHANDELBAR 3.0” physiotherapy practice in Sindelfingen near Stuttgart is relying on the new GEZE ActiveStop door damper. The intelligent system ensures controlled, buffered opening and closing of internal swing doors. So GEZE ActiveStop makes it easier and more comfortable to enter a room than ever before. An aspect that has been particularly appreciated recently in the “BEHANDELBAR 3.0” practice.

GEZE ActiveStop for installation engineers

Open doors

Open the door to your customers for more comfort and better room design

With GEZE ActiveStop, you can offer gentle stopping, holding open with ease, and silent closing of any interior door with an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Offer your customers new door control with award-winning design:

Product characteristics

Secured final position safe holding of the door in the open position, no doorstop needed
Damping strength can be set using a valve
Protection against overload with integrated safety valve
Door latch block included in delivery, use according to customer wishes or door use

Standard colour

fine silver, RAL available at an additional cost
Low-maintenance designed for maintenance-free operation in private room doors

Areas of application

Door type wooden interior doors, rebated and closing flush doors
Leaf weight optimal operation up to 45 kg
Leaf width optimal operation up to 1,100 mm
Leaf thickness from 38 mm
Door hinge for DIN left and DIN right
Installation type concealed
Rebate ca. 5 mm clearance in handle area

GEZE ActiveStop made easy

With the suitability checklist for GEZE ActiveStop door requirements and the GEZE ActiveStop milling template, easy installation is guaranteed.

GEZE ActiveStop at a glance

More comfort for your home.

Without compromises.

The GEZE ActiveStop door damper stops doors gently, closes them quietly and keeps them open with ease.

You can enter your rooms more conveniently than ever before.

GEZE ActiveStop…

…can be used anywhere

Thanks to the compact dimensions, GEZE ActiveStop fits into virtually every room door of up to 45 kg. In other words, into practically all standard doors.

…is individually adjustable

You can adjust how far your door should open and how strongly GEZE ActiveStop should damp it on opening and closing as needed and based on your home situation.

…is reliable over the long term

GEZE ActiveStop is the product of durable and long-lasting workmanship “Made in Germany”. With functionality, safety and aesthetic design, the door damper offers highest quality – without compromises.