Slimdrive SCR Automatic curved sliding door system for the realization of 360° solutions

Slimdrive SCR, CEMAG Anlagenbau
  • Very quiet running, low-wear direct current drive solution with a height of only 7 cm
  • The system consists of two drives that are controlled separately from one another
  • 40% more opening width than with linear sliding door drives
  • Wide range of drive variants and equipment options possible
  • Can be networked via CAN bus and integrated into building technology management systems
  • Independent error recognition and recording
  • Freely configurable inputs and outputs for different functions
  • Integrated, rechargeable battery for emergency opening in case of safety-relevant faults, such as power failure
  • Self-cleaning roller carriage reduces maintenance effort and costs
  • Various mechanical and electrical locks are available optionally

Automatic curved sliding door system for the realization of 360° solutions

Application AreasCase StudyDownloadsInstallation
  • 2 and 4-leaf door systems
  • Interior and exterior doors with high access frequency
  • Representative building entrances with large incidence of light
  • Façades with narrow post-rail constructions
  • Glass façades with the highest design standards
  • Opening widths from 800 to 2500 mm possible
  • Door leaf weights up to maximally 120 kg
  • Suitable profile systems are fine-framed profile systems with ISO and mono glass and all-glass systems (GGS)

Curved Glass Sliding Doors, Canberra

(as installed at The High Court of Australia, Canberra)

Is this the end of the revolution (revolving doors)?

Why walk around the circle when you can walk straight through thanks to GEZE’s curved-glass sliding door operators with RC2-level security?

No. It’s not the end of Revolving Doors (they are still a valid option to suit certain needs), but if your building’s needs have changed and you need to maintain the current form of your entryway, consider this amazing new product from Germany’s leading Automatic Door Manufacturer, GEZE. These doors use the SL (Slim-Line) Sliding Door Drive profile which is just 70mm high. The glass doors are curved and slide on a curved track. All electrics, motors and belt drives are housed within this slim 70mm profile at the top of the auto door structure. From 2017 to 2018 Progressive Controls’ staff installed four circular sliding doors at The High Court of Australia (Canberra) to replace tired revolving doors from another automatic door manufacturer (the motors had stopped working years before). Please see the images below.