GEZE Automatic Door Operators | Superior Quality | Competitive Price

Engineered in Germany:

At Progressive Controls, we provide automatic door operators (supply and commission) to shop fitters, window & door companies, builders etc. Our brand of choice is GEZE. We consider their auto door operators to be the best on the market in Australia. We regularly supply sliding and swing Door Operators. We also sell revolving Door Operators. The quality of our work is excellent. We remain competitive on price. We are only too happy to work closely and cooperatively with door manufacturers to ensure the best possible outcome for the end-user.

GEZE Auto Door Operators are designed and manufactured in Germany. In Europe they hold market share where quality is the chief criteria. In Australia GEZE is getting chosen more and more for major and minor projects alike (i.e. From the extension at The Canberra International Airport to Pharmacy shopfronts). The brand is relatively new in Australia and in these early days, the pricing is terrific. We remain more than competitive with a few other major brands you may be aware of, despite that we consider GEZE to be clearly superior technology. Progressive Controls imports the GEZE equipment from Germany and assembles the door operators here in Canberra. We keep plenty of stock on-hand and if we are supplied with accurate measurements, we can supply auto-doors very quickly (in many instances, within 24 hours).

My hope is that we will become a frequent supplier to your business. Progressive Controls is set-up to supply both locally within the ACT and further afield.  Are you an automatic door installation company in Sydney or elsewhere in NSW?  Are you considering switching to a new auto door company to supply you with the best quality automation equipment available?  There are a few big names in the automation of sliding, swing & revolving doors in Australia.  Have you been satisfied with the level of service and the quality of the equipment from the company you currently source your automatic door operators from?  Would you consider changing over to GEZE?  We know you will love the quality of our door systems.

Contact us today.  We look forward to your call.

GEZE: Available from Progressive Controls,
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