Progressive Controls [PC] is a Canberra based Company supplying Commercial Door Hardware for Professional Window & Door Manufacturers. Established in 1976, PC supplies quality Hardware Products including:   GEZE Floor Springs Leading Germany Quality inc the TS550 NV =  to Dorma BTS80 (ask us for a price on your next job)   NHN 80 Series Read More →

Automatic Swing Doors and Automatic Slide Doors with controls and sensors to keep those with mobility access difficulty in mind.  Those in wheelchairs need to be considered where access and egress are concerned.  Everything about getting through that doorway needs to be easy and straightforward.  Correct height elbow bump pads on the wall; Correct height Read More →

PLEASE SCROLL     GEZE ActiveStop. New door control. GEZE ActiveStop. Three functions. For greatly enhanced control and safety. Gentle stopping Damaged walls or furniture behind doors are not only unsightly but most of all unnecessary. GEZE ActiveStop brakes the swing upon opening and stops the door in the desired position. Keeping open with ease Read More →

Contact us about GEZE’s revolving door systems.  For any automated door product, call Progressive Controls on (02) 6280 4655 or use our online enquiries form to ask a question.  

The latest in European Automatic Door Security Systems is ‘RC2’ (Resistance Class 2). Stainless-Steel throw-bolt locks and hook locks are available on GEZE Automatic Door systems.  It is not required under Australian Standards.  It is an option for discerning clients who value practical, superior security. The High Court (Canberra) has a curved glass automatic door Read More →

Your neighbour’s cooking smells AMAZING when you first walk in your apartment building. You take a whiff and think, “Just invite me over if you’re going to cook that wonderful food.” Twenty minutes goes by, you’ve entered your apartment and you can STILL smell that food. But now, the smell that initially prompted your mouth Read More →

Progressive Controls provides Germany’s leading Automatic Door Operator, GEZE, to Australia. We offer superior quality at a very competitive price. GEZE is now available in the ACT. Progressive Controls is the only company to stock Automatic Door Operators and spare parts in substantial fashion in the Canberra region. In Germany, GEZE’s name is bigger than Read More →