APARTMENT LIVING. Your neighbour’s food smells…

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APARTMENT LIVING. Your neighbour’s food smells…

Your neighbour’s cooking smells AMAZING when you first walk in your apartment building. You take a whiff and think,
“Just invite me over if you’re going to cook that wonderful food.” Twenty minutes goes by, you’ve entered your apartment and you can STILL smell that food. But now, the smell that initially prompted your mouth to water is causing your nose irritation. The PROBLEM bugs your brain,

‘That food STINKS! Who are these people?! Why must they cook that foul-smelling stuff? How inconsiderate are they? What are those ingredients? How do I stop this pervasive stench from assaulting my olfactory senses further?’



PROGRESSIVE CONTROLS in Fyshwick sells door seals. We sell door seals that are fixed, others that drop down from within your door’s cavity to create both smoke & smell barriers and even some sound dampening! The main problem in most apartments is the bottom door seal. Don’t you wish you could reduce/eliminate the odours coming under your door from out of your neighbour’s dwelling? Contact your body corporate or real-estate agent and see if your landlord would be willing to install a bottom-door-seal. Failing that, come and see us direct for advice on what to fit and what type you need to suit your door.


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